5 Must Track Metrics in Google Analytics

  1. Comments – This neat analytics goal is great for websites offering blog functionality and gets more users engaged in the conversation. You’ll need to track two main actions, ‘submit your comment’ and ‘post your comment’. In order to set the goal, you’ll need to track onclick events by setting up a virtual page view (a page that doesn’t actually exist – such as the ‘post your comment’ button) and link this virtual page view to a goal in Analytics.
  2. Social Bookmarking Actions – If you’re offering some sort of social bookmarking buttons on your site, wouldn’t be great to know if it’s working and whether users are actually clicking on the widget. Using Google Analytics tracking clicks on outbound links is quite easy to achieve this goal. First you’ll need to tag the link itself by tweaking the GA tracking code and adding /outgoing/ then set the goal page as /outgoing/.* using regex match)
  3. Newsletter Subscriptions – I know, you’re not supposed to have favourites, however this one is one of mine because its easy to place a goal value next to each successful subscription. The first stage is to start tagging your email campaigns using Google URL builder to get a better understanding of how much revenue this channel brings in and what its conversion rate is. Once you have this information (which is optional of course) you can set up the goal together with its value.
  4. Catalogue Request – Similar to tracking newsletter subscriptions, catalogue request has been known to convert 10 times better than PPC traffic for some of my clients so you’ll understand why tracking and optimising the catalogue request funnel is imperative for your business.
  5. New Account Openings – Use this goal to understand how many users go from opening an account to completing their order and to see how difficult you are making it to open an account. You’ll find by analyzing the account opening funnel that removing some of the requirements fields (i.e. do you really need my phone number now?) will help improve the goal conversion rate. Another classic mistake is having a captcha form which is too difficult to complete.

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