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Our Online Business Manifesto

Ekeneweb is on a journey. It is a bold journey to provide entrepreneurs and small businesses with the tools, products and services to reach their goals online. 

Note From Founder

I find that there’s a lack of easy to understand information for website owners to grow their businesses online. I’ve searched far and wide, and it seems to be that it gets more complicated with the more searching you do. So, I created this space to bring that information for everyone of entrepreneurs to learn from.

At first glance, a website to some may just serve as an online brochure, but the reality is that those days are gone. With the advancements of technology and social media, consumers are becoming more savvy and seeking more out of their web browsing experience. And, believe it or not, if you’re website or social media presence isn’t up to par, you can be missing out on new customers.

In short, my hope is that both parties find value and I would greatly appreciate it if you could spread the word.

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Ekene Agwuenu