I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t an encyclopedia that you let you buy and resell pages for profit?

You’re probably wondering why I’d say such a thing?

Well, if you think about this from an online business angle, every page visited on the web has the potential to generate revenue. Whether it’s¬†advertisements, products or services, every click turns a profit in some way.


Simply put, think of each internet page as a billboard that you may say when you driving down the highway. By getting your attention with a visit, advertising dollars are at play. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 visitors or 1,000,000,000 visitors a month, the site generates money with every visit.

  1. Every visit increases users, page views and time on a site, which in turn increases the value of your website.
  2. Every click with a product or service you’re selling on the page has the potential create profit.
  3. Every click on an affiliate banner or link has the potential generate commissions from the affiliate partner.

How will I use the strategy?

Simply put, I’m incorporating these¬†revenue strategies to every page in the onlinebizpedia.

And, by doing this, I will sell pages, then allow the pages to be bought and resold for a profit.

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