Ekeneweb SEO Tips 1 – 3

1. Publish Relevant Content

Owning a site with quality content is a major driver of your search engine rankings. When your site has quality content intended for the topic at hand, you’ll see that users will be attracted to your site, on a recurring basis. With the increase of visits, along comes your sites authority.

Why does authority matter?

Well, when search engines crawl your site, they’re looking to provide the most value to the searcher. The more valuable content the search engine’s can find, the more authority your site has.

Here’s how to take action:

Identify a keyword phrase for each page. During this step, you’ll want to think about how the visitor is searching for that specific page.

For example, if I search for “reviews for funeral homes”, “best funeral home in Brooklyn, NY”, or “Funeral home prices”. As the website owner, I want these phrases to repeat throughout the page I’m attempting to index.

Try this strategy:

  1. Have the phrase once or twice in the opening and closing paragraphs.
  2. Also, think about taking it a step further by having the phrase(s) two to four more times throughout the remaining content.
  3. Use bold, vitals, headline tags, and other emphasis tags to highlight keyword phrases.

2. Always be Consistent with Content

I know it can be tough to consistently post content. In fact, staying consistent with publishing content can cause a drastic up tick in your rankings. Search engines love sites with regularly published content versus those that pop up with content once every two – three, sometime four weeks.

In short, set a daily or weekly goal at the minimum. Try to refrain from your blog with no content for more than a week. Keep it fresh.

3. Let’s link up the right way

Have you noticed links that say “Click here” or visit Website, etc on sites you visit? Well, a great tip to increase rankings is to write out the name of the destination versus “click here”, etc.

For example, if I’m going to send someone from my ReviewFuneralHomes.com site to the Lawrence H. Woodward Funeral Home Inc. in Brooklyn, NY. I increase my ranking by typing the entire previous statement out versus writing “Click here” with an embedded link to the site. Search engines love scrapping through pages with rich keywords. Click here has no ranking value whatsoever, so refrain from using it at all cost.


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