Here are 3 Tech Conferences Happening Before 2018 for Minorities To Register For

For those of you that have been following my journey with Minorities in Tech, you’re probably aware of how passionate I am about the topic diversity and inclusion in tech. I’ll save you a rant and just say visit the site, connect on Instagram and Twitter.

As for as solutions, I feel in order for anything to shift we (as in minorities in tech) need to show up to conferences, expos and other events happening in the industry. Not only for the macro picture and what it will do for future generations, but for the micro as well. If we aren’t aware of what’s new and moving the industry forward, how else can we expect to compete?

Anyways, I put together a list of 3 Tech Conferences Happening Before 2018 for you to check out:

1. Oracle Openworld 2017
2. VRX 2017 – Virtual Reality and Immersive Tech Business Conference and Expo
3. Jenkins World 2017



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