At Ekeneweb we focus on providing independent entrepreneurs and small business owners with deep industry experience and expertise. The main differentiation factor between us and other agencies is the fact that we also serve as a platform for consumer website reviews, rating and more.

Since we encourage constructive engagement, our goal is to use the consumer insights gained through our site (i.e., reviews, ratings, focus groups, etc.) to help improve your online presence.

We maintain a laser like focus on the client and meeting the expectations set forth. We are aiming at creating noticeable features to our services that can differentiate us from all our competitors from all over the globe.

Ekeneweb is becoming the one-stop-shop for all types of tasks related to designing and development of websites. We also notice the importance of consumer feedback, which is why our website is focused on consumer engagement from the front end. Don’t let that fool you. We have a great line of technical and customer support and will always be there to help you, when you need us.