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Have you ever came up with an idea, then tucked it away in your notebook and revert back to the same euphoria you had when it was first created months later? I guess that’s why the ancient proverb, “There’s nothing new under the sun” still rings today.

In short, I believe that people of color and women in tech are valuable.

So, rather than write some long blog post about the numbers and what we need to do as a society to support. I’m just going to scratch my own itch by re-launching Minorities.tech and take action now.

What is Minorities.tech?

Well, this was an idea I came up with about a year ago. At the time I was working on a platform called, Entrepremerica. And, I had an ambitious goal to connect entrepreneurs across the country. Well, it failed.

Why did it fail?

Throughout the journey I got burned out.

I simply took on too much for myself to handle at the time in my life.

On top of curating content for the site, I was handling all social media, reaching out to entrepreneurs for interviews, and planning events to bring entrepreneurs together.

I stretched myself too thin. And, soon it all crumbled.

As I  think about it, I was attempting to capture such a huge demographic. We’re talking about connecting every entrepreneur across the country. Even looking back at it now as I’m writing, I’m laughing out loud at how ridiculous I was.

So, why am I telling this story?

Well, throughout that “failed” journey with Entrepremerica, I learned that your Network is Everything. The more people you can connect with, the more valuable you are to the industry. And, when you become valuable, success is inevitable.

So, that was my goal. I wanted to do whatever it took to connect with every entrepreneur across the country. And, it was at this point I started building the database. As I was building out the database for tech entrepreneurs, I stumbled across a glaring question that I’ve disregarded for the past 17 years:

“Where are all of the color people at?” 

So, I took the advice of John Hunt, “The Riches are in the Niches”.

I immediately stepped out of the Entrepremerica idea and into focusing connecting with people of color and women in tech. And, from there, Minorities.tech was born. Stay tuned to more of the journey by following the twitter account, visiting the website to contribute content or get information.

Thanks for visiting today, peach and love.


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